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The Artisan


I began drawing at an early age realizing I wanted to recreate what I could see around me and share these visions with others.   

One of my first accomplishments as a young artist was to study historical barns in the farming community of northeast Colorado. I enjoyed capturing them in their various states of condition.  As I learned the stories of the pioneers who built these barns I was able to share a bit of the history of the area and document it in my drawings.  This project made me keenly aware of how my art could tell a story.

In the mid 70's I was fascinated with stained glass windows and the stories they told.  I began restoring old windows, learning hands on how the old masters shared religious stories through their work.  During this time the seed was planted for development of my own medium, where I might share stories through my own art. As a single parent for many years, most of my art projects help to support my family.  I kept tucking away ideas in my "memory file", knowing I would be able to create them into glass and fulfill my own artistic dreams in the future. Now that I am retired the time has come to share those ideas.

When I moved to Alaska in the mid 1980's I discovered a new and different beauty I could transform into stained glass windows.  I first created the usual collection of Alaskan wildlife, using pieces of glass rather than my pencils and brushes as my medium of choice. My unique approach is to use flat glass and incorporate it into a 3-dimensional form. More recently I am experimenting with flowers and birds, adding more open space and placing glass at irregular angles to create depth and interest in my work.  Alaska has presented me with a world of beautiful images and rich historical story to tell.

As a glass artisan I have learned that I have a challenge that most artists don't experience.  In fact, until my work is interfaced with light, it is a dark and shadowy surface.  Only when it is up and off the bench do I know whether I have achieved my artistic goal.

I see beauty transcending all around me, and desire to share this visual experience with others.  If what I do as an artist captures another person's creativity, interest, or awareness by using bold, bright, sparkling colors that come to life in front of your eyes-then I will have accomplished my artistic goal.
I am in a time in my life when I can put my energy not only to the skill of creating stained glass, but to using my artistic talent to create stories that I envision through unique glass creations. 

My greatest joy comes from sharing my ideas with others.  I donate much of my work to non-profits as a way to support my community.  My husband and I believe your best investment in community is yourself.

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